June 18, 2009

the next step....

i'm sitting outside at my parents GIANT new house in baton rouge, la. i am listening to some cheesy xm station that my mom turned on earlier. and in the background i hear the trickling of water from the pool fountain and some birds chirping in the cypress tree in the center of the lake. the sun is beginning to go down so the light is quite nice and yellow-y. it's still pretty warm out, but actually bearable at this point. though, i still feel the layer of 'sticky' that the humidity applies to everything (if you've ever been to louisiana in the summer, you KNOW what i mean). mara, my best friend and yellow lab, just took a few laps around the backyard sniffing the grass, checking out a few lizards, and is now laying at my feet. she doesn't ever leave my side. i never thought i could be one of those 'dog' people. but, over the past 2 years of owning this dog, i have absolutely and unconditionally fallen in love with her sweet, beautiful spirit. she really contains the key to happiness. every human can learn a few things from a yellow lab. they have the most perfect loving heart and really really enjoy life to the fullest. mara seems to need nothing but affection, and at any given moment, i swear she'd give her life for me.

the past month has been the most relaxing month i have had since high school when i still had a summer to myself. my days in california ended in a whirlwind. i quit my job and then spent my last few weeks hitting up every yoga studio in town to get my fill of LA yoga... i knew it just wouldnt be the same anywhere else. and i was right, it's not. i feverishly threw all my stuff together, packed a truck for pittsburgh, and packed a car for baton rouge. mom flew out to meet me (so mara and i didn't have to make the 35 hour car-ride alone), and the three of us said good-bye to my sweet southern california.

from the moment i got home, things were going well. the day after I arrived, i went straight to the southside YMCA with every intention of teaching yoga there. well... they needed a pilates instructor. i needed money. i said 'okay, i'll figure something out.' next stop, barnes and noble. i bought 3 pilates books, a pilates dvd, and a pilates ball. i had a week to become a pilates expert. in the meantime, i was able to pick up a few yoga classes at Lotus Yoga and Tres Bien Yoga. I also had made arrangements with a few people who needed some graphic design work done. So basically, I spent the last month living a life I've always wanted. Wake up early, teach a class, come home and design some stuff, eat, read a book, teach another class at night.... read a book.... relax............. yoga.... design...... play with mara...... hang with mom and dad. i don't want this time to end....

so this saturday, i am going to pack the car again and head up I-59 to Pittsburgh, PA. yup. to the 'burgh'. the town of steel bridges and mills. lots of snow. and die-hard steelers fans. from the socal sun to northeast cold. 72 degrees to -10. i will adapt. i will adapt.

i've really noticed lately how flexible life really is. i see friends and family stuck in their places of comfort and feel like they shouldn't, can't, or just don't want to change. well, all i can think about lately is change. chaos. newness. world-travel. i want to live in many different places and stay far from consistency. yes, in my day to day life, im the most routine person anyone will ever meet. but, i can't stay in that routine for too long before my insides begin to explode and i FREAK out. i see myself next summer in australia. and the following May, when i graduate, somewhere in italy, or on a yoga ashram somewhere in india. who knows...........

but what i do know right now is that i am going to be in pittsburgh for the next 2 years to explore communication planning and information design. it's gonna be a rockin time. im gonna do a lot of yoga (and hopefully teach). and im gonna continuously update myself on the newest info on superfruits, veggies, and basically any and all organic natural foods. i will post those findings on this blog. i will also update about interesting things that i learn/create/write, etc. i have no idea what school is going to be like. but that is what life is all about. not knowing.

live healthy and happy!




  1. Color me jealous. I need to be able to unplug and relax.

  2. yes. you do. it is quite a nice thing to do. it's like when you are playing nintendo. and someone kicks the machine... so then your game starts going crazy. and then what do you do? you hit the reset button. and everything is back to normal and happy again.