August 24, 2009


I started grad school.

During my sabbatical from 'real' life that began on April 25, 2009 (the first day of my non-dayjob lifestyle) to August 23, 2009 (yesterday), I have found myself involved in the following:

1. Doing whatever I feel like doing... whenever I feel like doing it.

2. Collecting and reading every single book that I have come in contact with that I find slightly interesting. These books have ranged from "The Omnivore's Dilemma", to "The Twilight Series", to "Eat, Pray, Love", to "Yoga in America" (and many others). From highschool, to architecture school, and then on to playing in the sun in California, I have not had much time to read. So, I have been reading...

3. Learning how to combat cancer (before it starts). Yes, sounds like a big undertaking for my 4-month leave, but yes, I've been eating lots of antioxidants (and working on getting my mother to do the same).

4. Laying in my bed. Surfing the internet. Dreaming of the day I live in Australia, Italy, India... teaching yoga, designing cool stuff, and doing more of whatever I feel like doing.

5. Doing yoga every day. Sometimes twice a day. My yoga practice lately has changed dramatically... and not only that, it is changing me.

6. Spending time with my parents. I have a new-found appreciation for being at home. Home = Cozy. And this time away from the chaotic lifestyle has been all about being cozy. So, thanks mom and dad.

7. Driving across the country over and over again living on granola bars, bananas, gas station bathrooms, and La Quinta Inn's with the one and only, MARA.

8. 2 months of getting to know Pittsburgh, PA. and learning that I am pretty fond of this cute town and it's nice people :)

So, what's next? Well:

1. I'm not quite sure. I know it will consist of a seminar course where I will read Aristotle and Plato, a studio course where I will map out my entire life into a complex diagram of information, Color Photography and Digital Output where I can finally add some color to my bw photography work, and writing: non-fiction genres on my own chosen topic (it's probable I will write about yoga and holistic health).

2. Yoga: teaching and practicing at the rec center on campus and yoga-flow (

3. Mara. as always.

4. The un-cozy life. I will HAVE to do things, even when I don't want to.

5. Watching late-night crap TV to turn my brain off. Haven't had to do this in a while, but seems like I'll be thinking so much I'll need some mindlessness.

6. Getting to know and having discussions with lots of awesome people from all over the place.

7. Coffee.

8. Snow.

Here I go...



  1. Good luck on this exciting new phase of your life. What are you studying in grad school?

    A few years back, my son Sam and I were driving across the country. We were lost somewhere south of Pittsburg and found ourselves in a long tunnel that emerges overlooking the city with that fantastic view. Do you know the place I mean?


  2. Oh, and i forgot to say what I was studying. I'm studying communication planning and information design. so, half-writing/storytelling and half visual communication/graphic design type stuff. I am very excited and LOVING it.