July 29, 2010


I figured I should post something interesting to my blog since I haven't done any blogging this whole summer.

In case you were wondering, it's been the best summer ever. I've taught a lot of yoga, I went to Seattle to present GURU to Microsoft, and most importantly, my CMU classmate, Jeanette Leagh and I have made a mini design firm (Leagh + Calandro). Between the two of us, we've gathered a couple of design projects, taken over the CMU Grad studio space, and gotten to work!!! We've seen projects from start to finish, we've honed client relations skills, and we've experienced the greatness of the CMU design process. We hope to brand our little company if time EVER permits :)

About a month ago, we made a videosketch for the company, BectranApps. It (in a bright, colorful, and quirky kind of way) illustrates the problems with the paper credit application process. Our client was amazing in giving us free range over the visual style and he was also very helpful in guiding us in understanding this credit application pain. Jeanette and I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what credit managers do... Now, I feel like I could be one (errr. maybe that's going over the top, but ya get what I mean).

Check it out (fyi- vimeo did a really good job of washing the video out a lot... so sorry about the whiteness and brightness. the colors are actually quite beautiful):

Next, I worked solo on a CD song art project for my dear musician friend, Peter Simon. The song is called, Awake and Dream. It's a beautiful song, and Peter makes beautiful music.

Check it:

And, currently, Jeanette and I are working on the rebranding and redesign of the website for the company, Squash & Beyond. It is a summer camp and international touring camp for teens who want to get better at their squash game. Apparently, it is the best squash camp in the country with one of the most not-so-great web presences in the country. Jeanette and I are doing some major facelifting on this one. I will post some images in the future as we aren't far enough along in the design process for noteworthy image posts.

We are also currently spec-ing out a redesign of a pamphlet that goes along with BectranApps video sketch for potential Bectran clientele. It's going to be a sweet info design project :)

Check back later for more!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for Squash and Beyond. Great job with everything so far, you should be proud!